Boy what I have found I hate the most about rescue is dealing with the crazy people! If it isn’t a hoarder that tells you that she takes care of her animals like her kid and two of those horses are now dead due to starvation all the way to people that surrender because of ??? only to turn around to request the horse back but nope don’t want to follow-up adoption application and contract rules are even pay for the actual care cost (not even asking for payment for our time involved with a rehab)! I just want to say that folks we are a horse rescue and do not offer counseling to individuals nor are we going to deal with whatever drama, issues, or crazy thoughts you want to dream up. Please seek professional medical assistance for that help!

Side note there is no free board available here…play the lottery have better odds and you can spill your sad stories to the clerk if they will listen!

I frankly know very few people willing to step up to help anymore because of the above mentioned reason…tis a very sad world we are living in these days 🙁 Oh well going to go feed those wonderful horses in my barn and search for the sane people as I know they are still out there.

Peace! Love! Save a Horse! – Lisa


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