Thank You!

Before I forget (those that know me realize my memory is all but gone these days) I have some THANK YOU’s to give out – Thank You to Mer and Kimberly for keeping my head on this morning and for helping hold the horses for Peewee! Thank you to Peewee Woodard for doing yet an awesome job on the horses feet, to my just AWESOME parents for helping cut the damaged tree for me and then doing the trimming in my weed gardens (come on guys like I have time to have flower beds…weeds grow much better…lol), To Tammy Tiedtke for the super adorable melted wine bottle serving plate (I’ll get pictures and it will be added to the auction tomorrow night), and to Tammy and Cindi Brown for weeding the arena while I gave a lesson!

And last but not least to all of you that support us in are mission to educate and help needy animals be it thru just sharing our page, donating, volunteering or adopting it does NOT go unnoticed and we could certainly not do it without you!

So from the bottom of my heart and for those horses and small animals that you have helped us save, THANK YOU!

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.  ~Oscar Wilde

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