Thank You Becky – Bullseye Update

Wanted to give a HUGE thanks to Becky of Michigan for her $100 donation to be applied to Bullseye recovery and care!  He is doing lovely and gaining weight as the slope where his spine was not covered in already starting to fill in as addition meat is visible along his rump area…makes us all excited to know there is no health issues that caused his poor state but sad to know that this could have simply been prevented by proper food/care being provided. Prior to pick up we purchased Nutrena Balance to help with his start back on grain, bale of alfalfa, bag of Nutrena Safechoice. He is now weaned over to a grass mixture with low amounts of alfalfa, and we have him bumped almost to two pounds of a mixture of the Balance/Safechoice (he was already started on grain prior to our pick-up). Once the Balance is complete he will be on Safechoice only. Additionally he will be schedule end of next week to have his hooves trimmed and we will be worming as well as his fecal came back positive for Strongyles. So as you can tell these funds go directly to direct care expenses. The Balance was $29.99, Safechoice runs up $15.49, the bale of straight alfalfa was $16.99 and his trim will be $25 (Thankfully I already have wormer on hand). That is how quickly it goes 🙁

 Note recently saw a video of one of the babies that was in beyond bad shape…so pleased to see she is running and being a baby already! To the Angels that stepped up for their care – Thank You! Remember to help with care cost for these horses donations can be sent directly to Perry County Humane Society, Inc. P.O. Box 105 New Lexington, Ohio 43764 Or call 740-347-4233 for information on donations and volunteering!  Perry County Humane Society is 501c3 meaning your donation is tax deductible.


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