Importance of Hoof Care

I’ve heard it a million times and frankly don’t think it can be stressed enough – No hoof No horse!!!

Proper hoof care is vital for the health and usability of our equine friends. This is an example of a pony that hasn’t received that care and is extreme pain and almost to the point of immobility which for a horse means the end of life L 

Spend the time finding a knowledge farrier (great way is ask around to other equine owners in your area), get on a schedule and stick too it as your farrier will be more likely to want to keep you as a client, and make sure you work with her your horses prior. It is NOT the responsibility of your farrier to train or  tolerate a horse that will not stand mannerly. You do NOT need the tools of a farrier to train your horse to stand – regular cleaning sessions are typically all it takes. For horses that might require shoes doing some pounding on the hoof prior to actually trying to apply a shoe with a nail is very helpful.

For more great information on hoof care check out this article:


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