Hope You Guys Didn’t Think We Went Away!

Actually we were just busy selling items at the yard sale to raise funds – we raised $92 but then someone came after we closed and purchased my show box for $75 giving us a total of $167! And since we still have so much stuff left we are moving  it all to my sisters in Cambridge this coming Friday and Saturday. So if you didn’t have a chance to get to things and would still like to  donate it I’ll happily do a pick up!

The bags are selling great and I’m hoping to run a few more bags down to be made (finally got a  couple cute cow bags but very limited…sorry I’m trying) My personal  goal is to sell at least 200 in the next month to pay for all the cats to be spay/neutered and the few not tested for FIV and leukemia. Plus  once we get these done if we don’t get the ones placed that was at my  parents I promised we take them in so they don’t end up at the shelter  since the little girls dad said they had to go soon! I’m on point to be  taking photos of the ones I have available now.  Hubby is going to get a  buy now button for our website so we can sell them that way too in  hopes to meet our goal…be even better to sell more. 🙂

Today is baggie stuffing day in prep for the parade in Lancaster tomorrow, will you be there?  Oh and we are finalizing an adopter today for Lady and Lilly (exciting)!

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