Good Morning!

The horses are enjoying a bit of a break in the heat this AM, lovely breeze blowing some over cast skies. We have a super busy day as usual here. Peewee, our lovely farrier is coming, my awesome parents are coming up to assist with the storm damaged tree, new hot water tank being installed (old one leaking terribly), and a full day of work at the ‘JOB’. Thank heavens Mer is working from the barn to do some assisting! 🙂

Got notice that the wormer and supplements shipped today – YAY!

We have visitors tonight to look at the available horses and we have lessons as well, another big YAY!

We are looking for someone who can train here at the farm – if you or someone you know would be interested please email us with experience, training philosophy, and financial requirements.

Please remember to spay and neuter your pets. Here in Licking county I found a place for cats that is $30 for males and $45 for females, also rascal is $35 and $45 plus rabies $7 so lets be honest if you can’t afford such a small cost you probably can’t afford to have a litter of kittens and their care cost so do right by the animals! If you have a dog I’ll happily do the research to find you a low cost option also!

Have a Great Day ~ Lisa

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