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Comments for Mystery Lane Farm http://mysterylanefarm.com Live, Laugh, Love, and Enjoy the Ride! Wed, 02 Dec 2015 14:50:22 -0500 hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.3.15 Comment on Home by Lisa http://mysterylanefarm.com/#comment-76348 Wed, 02 Dec 2015 14:50:22 +0000 http://mysterylanefarm.com/?page_id=4#comment-76348 Cyndi – Thank you for being a rescue supporter :) We would love to discuss some possible educational and fundraising events of you are open to having us at you event barn.
Hope to met you soon – Lisa

Comment on Home by Cyndi Neal http://mysterylanefarm.com/#comment-76294 Thu, 26 Nov 2015 05:08:00 +0000 http://mysterylanefarm.com/?page_id=4#comment-76294 I am so sad about the poor pig that was mauled by the dogs. So glad to know you are helping!! Would love to visit her & offer assistance with her care. Also we have an event barn that you are welcome to use for a fund raising event any time. We live betwen Thornville & Thornport with many rescued animals.

Comment on Home by lyn vande brake http://mysterylanefarm.com/#comment-11069 Sun, 15 Sep 2013 06:37:38 +0000 http://mysterylanefarm.com/?page_id=4#comment-11069 i am looking to adopt a miniature. intended as a child’s pet.
i have a small 10 year old 13-hand hackney i adopted from indiana horse rescue in 2007 who will be a pasture and barn mate. i live on a 27 acre hobby farm.
please contact me. gelding preferred, but would certainly consider older mare.
712-395-3710 or this email.
thank you

Comment on Change in our program by Lisa http://mysterylanefarm.com/change-in-our-program/#comment-10456 Wed, 10 Jul 2013 19:58:01 +0000 http://mysterylanefarm.com/?p=696#comment-10456 Tammy Thank you for stepping up but at this time it looks like all minis have been adopted! There is a potential always things might fall thru so please fill out an application found on our available page and we will keep you in our database ~ Lisa

Comment on Home by Lisa http://mysterylanefarm.com/#comment-10455 Wed, 10 Jul 2013 19:55:48 +0000 http://mysterylanefarm.com/?page_id=4#comment-10455 Hello Kim we are currently finalizing but at this time it looks like all minis have been adopted. We do have a OTTB mare looking for a home if that would be of any interest!

Comment on Change in our program by TAMMY DAMRON http://mysterylanefarm.com/change-in-our-program/#comment-10450 Wed, 10 Jul 2013 17:03:53 +0000 http://mysterylanefarm.com/?p=696#comment-10450 Good afternoon! My name is Tammy. I am a lifetime owner of horses and my family and I have been around them all our lives. I am a member of the local horse committee and currently own 3 myself.
We own horses and show including small open shows, and local fair. My daughter runs NBHA (National Barrel Horse Association) on her paint mare. She was started on the ground with a small pony named Twinkle Star (She named her herself) She provided all her care at a very young age because my husband and I believe a child needs to learn to care for a horse from the ground before they can appreciate riding one.
My daughter led Twinkle star everywhere like a dog and the pony adored her. This pony came from an abusive home and was very fearful until Jessie got ahold of her and she learned that people were not so bad after all. She even tried to bring her inside during the winter because she was afraid she would get cold even though we assured her our barn was warm. She would fight her dad and I because she liked to clean and pick her stall LOL (Imagine that?!) . I have an 8 month old grandaughter I am wanting to branch out with miniatures so she can grow up loving horses from the ground up. My husband and I believe a child should always start with learning to love, care and understand the needs of our equine friend before learning to respect and enjoy riding. requesting more information about the adoption of 1 or two of of the 40 minitaures you acquired. I also saw the little grey one on your adoption page if it may still be available. We eagerly await word. We live outside Chillicothe Ohio and have a large barn on 14 acres. We are often accused of spoiling our horses too much (Is there even a chance?!) Our barn is kept extremely clean and tidy. Stalls are picked daily and stripped weekly. They have run of open pasture except during hot muggy fly infested weather or when it is colder than 30 we do keep them inside. When inside there are fans during the summer and bucket heaters for water during the winter and rather warm and comfy in the barn. We have access and have routine farrier visits every 2 – 3 months depending on time of year. We do all our warming, vaccinating ourselves however have quick access to veterinarian Brad Roll from Kingston Ohio. eager to hear back from you.

Comment on Home by kim muncy http://mysterylanefarm.com/#comment-10449 Wed, 10 Jul 2013 13:37:46 +0000 http://mysterylanefarm.com/?page_id=4#comment-10449 Hi my name is Kim, I live in Ohio and I heard there is a situation going on with some horses? We have 2 Horses and 1 Mini. We Have had these horses for better then 10 years and I have room for 2 Minis that would be welcome in our home. We are a Family of 4 and enjoy our horses. They are on our property and we have a barn with stalls and a pasture with 4 divided areas. My email address is kgmuncy@aol.com I would love to hear back from you.
Thanks for your time.

Comment on Home by Bonnie Mansfield http://mysterylanefarm.com/#comment-10441 Tue, 09 Jul 2013 14:59:53 +0000 http://mysterylanefarm.com/?page_id=4#comment-10441 God bless you, Lisa, and your family and volunteers for the wonderful, loving, humane work you do for these precious animals!!

Comment on The Tianna Haynes Animal Neglect Investigation by tara http://mysterylanefarm.com/the-tianna-haynes-animal-neglect-investigation/#comment-10117 Fri, 31 May 2013 18:43:35 +0000 http://mysterylanefarm.com/?p=641#comment-10117 Unbelieveable. I hope the system nails her. Thank you for your reply!

Comment on Home by Lisa http://mysterylanefarm.com/#comment-10054 Wed, 22 May 2013 19:53:48 +0000 http://mysterylanefarm.com/?page_id=4#comment-10054 Love the invite we are currently still working on getting our 501c3, hoping to have that sometime end of next year (due to the delay we are hearing about from the IRS).


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