Change in our program

Mystery Lane Farm Equine Care Connection will no longer be accepting horses for an unknown potentially permentant future.  We will continue to do awareness and educational events and will be available for assist individuals with proper placement techniques. Example I have seen so many free ads on Craigslist 🙁 Scary fact really bad people can come across as a good hearted individual(s). I’ve even found they can say the some really awesome things and make themselves stand above others because of how much they practice their pitch.

Most people say well then “I’ll have a signed contract”.

Contracts are great ‘in theory’ but when dealing with bad people guess who doesn’t follow the rules. And even if your contract has set punishment the courts can enforce if the horse has already been slaughtered sure doesn’t really help the horse now does it.

Pre-screening and up front diligence is so very important. Yes even with that issues might arise but if you put a process in place for picking the new owner your chances of ensuring the proper home goes up significantly!  We will happily share some of our ideas, experiences, or just an ear to bouce ideas off of.

Are we going away?  No, but we are not accepting any horses into our rescue/rehab/placement programs. Education such as lessons, community events, and awareness will still continue 🙂

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  1. avatar TAMMY DAMRON says:

    Good afternoon! My name is Tammy. I am a lifetime owner of horses and my family and I have been around them all our lives. I am a member of the local horse committee and currently own 3 myself.
    We own horses and show including small open shows, and local fair. My daughter runs NBHA (National Barrel Horse Association) on her paint mare. She was started on the ground with a small pony named Twinkle Star (She named her herself) She provided all her care at a very young age because my husband and I believe a child needs to learn to care for a horse from the ground before they can appreciate riding one.
    My daughter led Twinkle star everywhere like a dog and the pony adored her. This pony came from an abusive home and was very fearful until Jessie got ahold of her and she learned that people were not so bad after all. She even tried to bring her inside during the winter because she was afraid she would get cold even though we assured her our barn was warm. She would fight her dad and I because she liked to clean and pick her stall LOL (Imagine that?!) . I have an 8 month old grandaughter I am wanting to branch out with miniatures so she can grow up loving horses from the ground up. My husband and I believe a child should always start with learning to love, care and understand the needs of our equine friend before learning to respect and enjoy riding. requesting more information about the adoption of 1 or two of of the 40 minitaures you acquired. I also saw the little grey one on your adoption page if it may still be available. We eagerly await word. We live outside Chillicothe Ohio and have a large barn on 14 acres. We are often accused of spoiling our horses too much (Is there even a chance?!) Our barn is kept extremely clean and tidy. Stalls are picked daily and stripped weekly. They have run of open pasture except during hot muggy fly infested weather or when it is colder than 30 we do keep them inside. When inside there are fans during the summer and bucket heaters for water during the winter and rather warm and comfy in the barn. We have access and have routine farrier visits every 2 – 3 months depending on time of year. We do all our warming, vaccinating ourselves however have quick access to veterinarian Brad Roll from Kingston Ohio. eager to hear back from you.

    • avatar Lisa says:

      Tammy Thank you for stepping up but at this time it looks like all minis have been adopted! There is a potential always things might fall thru so please fill out an application found on our available page and we will keep you in our database ~ Lisa

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