Can you Help?

We have been hard at work doing some organizational procedures brainstorming and it has produced some awesome new ideas. One of our first goals for the New Year is to start accepting rescues back here at Mystery Lane Farm. To do this we are looking for responsible and dependable volunteers to assist with numerous administrative tasks available and on site care. NOTE these are NOT paid positions!  Our current daily budget comes directly from my pay check. Any and all donations we receive are only spent on direct care cost such as grain, hay, vet, farrier, and any special need care items. Donations are not to be used for administrative cost Рperiod. If you would be interested in taking on a volunteer task/role please contact us with what you are willing to assist with and your experience with such. If you are looking to learn something new certainly love to hear from you as well. Our email address is or you can call us at (740)973-8901.

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