Busy Busy Busy…

We have gotten back into the swing of things and have had a really BUSY August!  We attended several events and had a yard sale hosted to try and raise funds. We have also been having weekly work/play session, if you are interested in attending these they are typically set-up on a very short notice so please call or text Lisa if you would like to be notified of these events going forward J  (740)973-8901.

Break down of Funds raised to date in August:

Zanesville TSC PAWS event raised $15 which went was applied towards care cost of Melody.

Newark TSC PAWS event raised $19 which again was applied towards care cost of Melody.

Yard Sale Raised $289.30 – $240 of that will be mailed as a buy back for Melody (total cost of the buy back was ($540 – adoption fee of $600 minus the 10% cost that would have gone to MLFECC the additional $300 was paid by President Lisa Kovach)

**NOTE MLFECC we will NO longer perform a buy back. The current contract covers this as the adopter agrees to care for adopted horse until suitable home can be found. If MLFECC has space and the adopter ask MLFECC to take the horse into their care no funds will be due back to adopter – NO Exceptions!               

Tex adoption fee received in the amount of $1000 was dispersed to cover 2012 hay cost ($1200 total due to H & H Farms).

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