Available Animals

Here is how placement works with us:

  1. Check out the available animals below and fall in love
  2. Fill out an application and email to us at mysterylanefarm@gmail.com
  3. We will confirm approval and/or ask additional questions
  4. Once approved you can set up a time to come and met you potential new family member.

Questions email mysterylanefarm@gmail.com Text/Call (740)973-8901

Horses Available for adoption:

Kipling’s Little Rascal – Pending Adoption

This guy decided to go on a grand adventure, finding a secluded homestead neighboring some other pretty horses. While his owners attempted to find him, his newly claimed land owners called us since the neither the Sheriff Department nor the Humane Society was able to do anything so we assisted with getting him into a safe environment.  After locating his owner they felt that due to the loss of his buddy he has started to break out and feel it would be best to find him a home so we have agreed to do just that.

He is apprx. 8 yrs old, he has been ridden only a few times that they are aware which we will continue to evaluate however he is in need of a visit with the farrier first to correct some long front hooves. Loads of personality, loaded and hauled well. Does well in a stall and mannerly around the other horses thou hasn’t been turned out with them.

Yes there will be an adoption fee to be determined once we accumulate the vet and farrier bills to our other care bills.








Mia Cowgirls Jetset

AQHA 2 yr old filly, note she is NOT a rescue she is only being offered for placement to a family that will take her to show pen where she belongs.

Full pedigree http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/mia+cowgirls+jetset

Pictured here on the left dam on the right







Registered Tennessee Walker

8 yr old gelding, Broke to Ride and harness, he has been used for trails however due to EPM that has been treated but it left him with some weakness in the hind quarters that puts limits on him.








Goats Available for adoption:

None available

Dogs and Cats Available for adoption:

We personally don’t have any but please check out the wonderful animals available at Licking County Humane Society

Volunteering or Leasing 

We do offer onsite leases on our horses from time to time which is great for beginners to learn the ins and outs of horse ownership as well as showing opportunities. Contact Lisa 740-973-8901

Equine Application (we recommend Pre-approval because when we get horses in we go to that list first):

Mystery Lane Farm ECC Equine Adoption Application – PDF version

Mystery Lane Farm ECC Equine Adoption Application Text version

Other Services we offer:

Riding Instructions call for current pricing (740)973-8901

Boarding when stalls are available!

10 Responses to Available Animals

  1. avatar traci large says:

    I am looking fora 4,h horse to do wp n open shows.

    Thank you

    • avatar Lisa says:


      We don’t have anything currently that would be able to do so without significant amounts of training. If you are able and willing to train we have an 11 yr old paint gelding that after a very complete training program I think he be great at that.


  2. avatar Karla Groah says:

    Hi ! My name is Karla. I am interested in the grey QH for my son. I found your application website. Should I mail it to you or how do you usually operate?

  3. avatar Nila R. Little says:

    I have just recently lost my 27 year old horse. I have another 8 year old mare. I would like to find a compatible senior horse. I have the adequate facility. Acreage plus a small barn with two stalls.


    Nila Little

    • avatar Lisa says:


      I will try your email also. Currently we have an 11 yr old paint gelding that would make a great companion. He is very sweet to his herd mates and sadly due to no fault of his own he has never been fully trained so can not be placed anything above companion at this point. He is totally and completely healthy and has been vetted recently.

      If he would be of interested please call Lisa @ 740-973-8901.

      Thanks for considering a rescue 🙂

  4. avatar sunce raye anderson says:

    I am looking for a horse for my granddaughter. This would be her first horse ever she will be old enough next year to be in 4-h. I haven’t had a horse here for 18 yes. So I too will share a ride same horse. I would like her to have the same experience I did growing up on farm with my horses years ago. My horses were my sons horses but got old and passed away so its been 18 or so yrs. Can you help us and maybe we could foster or adopt. Thank you!

  5. avatar sunce raye anderson says:

    I just saw the two minis I also would love a pair just for driving! Thanks

    • avatar Lisa says:

      We would be happy to assist, if you give me a call to discuss your exact needs. (740)973-8901 can text also.
      Thanks for considering a rescue – Lisa

  6. avatar Amberly says:

    Do you currently have any minitures available?

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